Life Comes in Patterns

A photo series by Leo Frick

We say ‘life comes in waves’, but it is too chaotic to be simplified into a simple up and down. Better to say: Life comes in patterns.

While we’re growing and evolving, things repeat at irregular intervals.

From that breakfast coffee you have every morning, to that birthday party every year, to those small moments of clarity in which you look back onto your life and contemplate where the last decade went and how you ended up being where you are.

You can observe these patterns if you just pause for a moment.

And while reflecting you might stare a little too long at these colorful tiles on the floor or a little too close on this monochrome feather from your pillow.

And if you’re not careful, you might find your life reflected in the things around you.

These photographs were taken by Leo Frick.

Coney Island in Pictures

A photo essay by Alice Preat

Anyone who has been to Coney Island, located an hour away from Manhattan on the B train, will likely remember it as a dream-like and colorful place, filled with ice cream stands, joyful visitors and beach volleyball…

This is undoubtedly what it’s like in the summer time — but in the winter, the dream takes on a nostalgic quality.

This is what I tried to capture in this short photographic series: empty roller coasters, black and white shots of an empty beach or boardwalk…

Still, the dream-like, pastel colors are ever present, and suggestive of the poetic quality of the emptiness and lack of crowds. You’re just left with some brave tourists, and Russian locals walking their dogs…

These photographs were taken by Alice Preat in the winter of 2019.